I am Extremely happy with the work Roy and his crew did for me. Roy installs exactly what I wanted. I wanted a thicker-gauge panel, other companies pushed back – Roy just does it standard. Roy installs a peel-and-stick underlayment when the other companies just wanted to roll out #40 felt. I also wanted the mechanically-seamed panel, not the snaplock panel. Roy does seamed panel standard. So, the better materials that I wanted and a competitive bid made Roy an easy choice.

Once the job started, the crew showed up when Roy said they would and it was a competition to see who could work the hardest. They were super efficient and kept the job site tidy throughout the entire process. Roy works with his crew and you can tell he treats his workers well. Provides all the safety gear, brings a portapotty on a trailer, and ensures everyone has cold water. As an advocate for labor, these things are important to me.

Roy was extremely knowledgeable about roofing. He fixed an issue around my chimney, made the counter flashing so much better on the masonry, and helped me correct a ventilation issue. The ventilation fix required removing a course of the soffit boards, so I asked Roy to replace all the soffit boards with new cedar, and the new boards look great.

I am very pleased and would have paid more than Roy asked of me in the end because I feel the value of the work and the final product are worth it. Do yourself a favor and give Roy a call.